10 Work Packages (WP) ...
Work Packages

WP1 - Management and coordination

  • Task 1.1 Technical work coordination and reporting
  • Task 1.2 Overall legal and contractual management, including preparation of consortium agreement
  • Task 1.3 Financial and administrative management and reporting

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WP2 - Isolation and selection of robust polymer degrading microorganisms and enzymes

  • Task 2.1 Isolation of microbes able to degrade conventional polymers
  • Task 2.2 Selection and physiological characterization of microbes able to degrade polymers from microbial collections
  • Task 2.3 Selection and characterization of enzymes able to degrade conventional polymers

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WP3 - Characterization of the most promising polymer/plastic degrading microorganisms and enzymes, Identification of final products and of their possible valorization routes



  • Task 3.1 Biodegradation potential and mechanisms of the most promising cultures
  • Task 3.2 Identification of boundary conditions of polymer biodegradation and break-down
  • Task 3.3 Valorization of the products of polymer/plastic biotransformation

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WP4 - Development of sustainable pre-treatments for improving plastic

  • Task 4.1 Pre-treatment of PE, PP, PS and PVC plastics
  • Task 4.2 Assessment of impacts of pretreatments on plastic biodegradability

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WP5 - Development of pilot-scale biotechnological processes for the bioremediation and valorisation of plastics

  • Task 5.1 Scale-up of the most promising plastic pretreatments
  • Task 5.2 Bioremediation and/or enzymatic depolymerization of plastics under slurry phase submerged conditions
  • Task 5.3 Bioremediation process under SSF/composting conditions

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WP6 - Development of bio-augmentation strategies for marine water and composting facilities

  • Task 6.1 Bioaugmentation studies in marine environments
  • Task 6.2 Bioaugmentation tests in terrestrial/composting conditions

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WP7 - Demonstration of the effectiveness of bio-augmentation protocols in Aegean seawater and in a full-scale composting facility

  • Task 7.1 Field evaluation of bioaugmentation efficiency of plastics present near the seawater surface
  • Task 7.2 Demonstration of plastic waste biodegradation at the Intermunicipal Solid Waste Management Corporation of Chania, Crete

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WP8 - Environmental and economic evaluation of developed processes and strategies

  • Task 8.1 Environmental evaluation of developed Biotech Processes
  • Task 8.2 Economical evaluation of developed Biotech Processes

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WP9 - Development of policy tools in support of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive with respect to plastics

  • Task 9.1 Assessment of current environmental status of Aegean Sea
  • Task 9.2 Development of mitigation strategies for Aegean Sea
  • Task 9.3 Synergy and integration with other scientific groups involved in Marine Litter
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WP10 - Dissemination, exploitation and knowledge transfer

  • Task 10.1 Dissemination to the industry, environmental protection authorities and associations
  • Task 10.2 Dissemination to the scientific community
  • Task 10.3 Training and career development
  • Task 10.4 Communication with the general public

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